Contact Information:

Russell St. Germain

Director of Bands


Band on Parade is unique because the classes and bands are taught by the sole proprietor and director of bands, Mr. Russell St. Germain, which provides the consistency needed to build and sustain a successful band program year after year. Mr. St. Germain is starting his 22 year of teaching. He is extremely dedicated to providing the highest level of education to each student and works closely with parents and each school’s administration to create an enjoyable experience for all.

BOP Classes

BOP Band Day

B.O.P. classes have been designed for students to learn the fundamentals of playing an instrument and to develop the skills needed to play in a concert band, small ensemble, and as a soloist. Students will work and develop their tone, technique, articulation, and musicianship on their instrument using warm-ups, scales, solos, a method book, and band music. Students will share some of their work when they perform for family and friends at the school winter and spring band concerts. Along with the school’s band concerts, students will participate in the Band on Parade Solo Festival and Band on Parade Band Day.

Join the school band, today!

Band on Parade is an exciting and rewarding tuition based band program that serves elementary schools in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. Band on Parade is open to 4th-8th grade students who are interested in learning to play an instrument in the school band. B.O.P. classes include: five levels of small group instruction, a beginning concert band,  and a senior concert band. Students receive one 30-minute concert band class and one 20-minute small group lesson a week which are held at each student’s school.  BOP is offered at the following schools: Northside Catholic Academy, Saint Josaphat School, Saint Joan of Arc School, and St. Athanasius School.

Woodwind - Brass - Percussion